Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

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Yeah the it goes again. You know that inner voice that seems to be taunting you from doing your task, tackling a goal and the list goes on and on. Science says we have a tendency to have a negative inner voice which saps our personal power. Once again the key is to use your tools of initiative and creativity.

Why?Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

That’s not important. What’s important is how to overcome that darn voice. How do I do it? I take it as a challenge. In fact I make it personal. That’s the initiative part. Then there’s the mechanics of how. That’s the creative part. I put aside the doubts and look at the goals. Then I plot at a plan on how to reach that goal.

More Creativity

Visualize the plan and going through the motions. Top pro athletes perform this task everyday. It’s how they boost their own personal power. With a little creativity and positive thought you can override that negative inner voice to success.



Faith Coming Out The Otherside

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FaithTurmoil strikes. Disarray and mayhem rule. What’s a person to do? That’s the question you are left with. The answer is simply draw on initiative and creativity. Have faith you’re coming out the otherside.

First of all

Make a stand to confront the issues at hand. Know that avoidance and running are not an objection. Look for options. Even create a few of your own making. Prepare yourself to endure the worst but expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t anticipate…expect.


Is your friend. The belief in a higher power helps. Belief in yourself empowers you even more. Faith is a two-sided coin that way. A coin that will pay the way to see you to the otherside.

You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain

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You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain Let me begin by repeating the statement I have been trying to get readers to take to heart for years. Creativity is an innate function of the brain we all have. You and I initiated the process shortly after birth. Think about the birthing process. For many years it was common practice for the doctor to give a newborn a slight slap on the butt. The newborn would then cry. How did the newborn know to yield the reaction of crying in response to the slight pain? From there the newborn learned how to use crying as a method of getting it’s needs attended to? The baby as it grows learns to adapt this action. It even gets creative in it’s application. Yes, the baby actually learns to experiment with the function of crying. That is the rudiments of creativity. You take an idea and test to see how it works. In a way we all start out with a Thomas Edison frame of mind.

Does this mean we all start out as geniuses?
Remember the commercials on TV where the where the catch phrases was “Not Exactly? (If not search it out on YouTube. They are cute) It does mean we are wired to be creative in some form or other. To steal the credo from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just because we have the ability to be creative doesn’t mean it just manifests itself and “is.”

The facts about creativity
For most people it’s like a muscle. You have to use it, exercise it, and nourish it in order for it to reach full potential. There are very few creative prodigies but they do exist. For the rest of us the brain has to trained. You have to use your imagination and explore your creative side. The controversy over whether or not creativity is limited or unlimited is mostly built upon supposition and a topic I’ll address next time. Meanwhile back at the ranch, take initiative when it comes to creativity and as they say “Work it baby.”

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Experience A Tool of Success

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Einstein in Thought an experience tool

We go to school to learn how to be successful in life. You may not think of school like that but that is it’s main goal. The proof is at this time Technical based schools are flourishing. A funny thing happens on the way to success more times than not the lack of experience undermines our efforts. Tech schools give you that hands on experience you need.

So, why don’t all schools mimic tech schools?

In a way some do. They offer gateway internships. Yet most internship availability is limited. School book learning is not enough and that is why less than 25% of all grads end up in their field of study.

Is there another way?

Initiative and creativity are the answer. In layman’s term is trial and error that legendary school of hard knocks. You see schools do give you the basics. You have to not only learn to apply them, but you have to find a way to do it. In internet terms we called craving out your niche. Finding a niche is not tied to the internet alone. That’s where taking initiative to move forward to your goal may even mean creating it from scratch. Just because opportunity doesn’t present itself doesn’t mean you don’t have the tools and creativity to make it so. With a tip of the hat to trekkies world over don’t sit there pining, waiting and grumbling, make it so.

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The Happiness Equation

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Euphoria and Happiness
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You are reading this online and probably in conjunction with performing some kind if online project. Let’s keep in mind “The Happiness Equation is at work here. Why? Well, because whether or not you realize it you are applying the formula as you do what you do. To paraphrase the line from the original play “Mutiny On The Bounty” :“What you do do, you do for money”


Well, there has to be a reason behind you taking on the project. Thus, they are the seeds of initiative. There is always some kind of payback sort which adds oomf. In a way for a few of you the term “money” is generic. So, we can substitute the word “profit. As profit can present itself in many forms and on many levels. Nevertheless the point is expectation of some kind of reward. It could as simple as self-satisfaction. It could be to increase a following. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to financial gains in some way as the end result.

The Equation

Initiative plus creativity yields output producing achievement plus success equals happiness. Whether you blog for fun or cash you apply initiative and creativity. In fact in order to do whatever you do online you have to apply the whole Happiness Equation. And it all begins with initiative powering creativity.

Where do you find initiative and creativity?

It comes from that eight pound master processor called the brain. They are standard software which you are constantly evolving throughout your lifetime minute by minute of every day. In short no matter what you hear and say you have the power to work the Happiness Equation within you. Again the keys are initiative and creativity. And the point is they are generated by you, your dreams, and desires.

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In Choosing The Unknown

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Girl in Shadow


Life offers limitless possibilities on one hand. On the other it also grants us a cornucopia of obstacles and hazards. So, as we look down the paths of life in front of us we are left to ponder where will the really take us? We can only guess at what the twist and turns will bring. The futures are only determined by the choices we make both good and bad.

That is the only guarantee choosing the unknown gives us. While not all adventures are good, some offer the converse. The mystery of it all can be just as compelling as it is scary. Good are bad as we emerge from each adventure the a person would be wise to take away the knowledge of lessons learned. They also should mine out the positives and store them away in a place ready for application.

The Graduate
May it be high school, college, grad school or tech school, the Graduate faces choosing the unknown on so many different levels. In choosing the unknown the rewards are a mystery. In choosing the known doesn’t make for a guarantee of positive rewards. I was witness to my own father reaching out into the unknown and changing professions multiple times. Only once did he fail and that was miserably enough to send most people in a downward spiral. Believe me it was truly rock bottom. In the rest he would each time rise to the top excelling to point where he would end up in a managerial position he never really wanted. His whole professional life was built on a series of choosing the unknown.

Success can be a forerunner as much as a result
Success leads us to more choices of the unknown than the path that took us there. In fact success is a choices of the unknown magnet. While in choosing the unknown to venture forth we open ourselves up to new horizons, challenges and motivations. We feed our souls with types of stimulation, choosing the known could never present us. Each success and failure from doing so leaves us with the ambition to propel us forward. Yes they offer us the ability to apply initiative and creativity in ways that make us grow in self-empowerment.

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Chain Of Events

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So Wheres my Old Spice Commercial
So Where’s my Old Spice Commercial

Most of us look at things in the light of being omens of what is or what will be. What you have to question is your perspective disarming your chance for opportunities? Could it be you are being lulled into leaving your future to the fates? Initiative and Creativity is the fuel to make the chain of events you need.

Taking control
That is what embodies the link between Initiative and Creativity. By waiting you are relinquishing your power of choice. Now, keep in mind taking control is not the same as forcing yourself through to your goal. Taking control is a process. The process is a flow reflection, analysis, planning and desired outcome.

Does life happen to you or for you?
You and I have a say in some way which the answer is be. Of course, you can’t define everything in terms of complete control. Still you have to realize in some way you will have an opportunity to have your say.​ As I have said so many times it’s a matter of redefining your perspective and applying it with the power of Initiative and Creativity