Coming Out The Other Side of Happiness

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Coming Out The Other Side of Happiness Dark times happen and we find ourselves on the other side of happiness. It happens to everyone. Its happened to me on multiple occasions and likely to you as well

Where Does The Healing Begin?

For most of us when we reached the other side which is happiness. Sadly, others need help to get in touch with that other side. Admittedly I needed that help once. The outcome taught me a lesson. When faced with even greater adversity I took initiative and used creativity to pull myself through. This last time was worse then the other. Strangely enough not too long after the other hardship and ten times worse.

But That’s Me

Everyone different. What did I do that second time that I didn’t the first. I looked through the darkness toward the the light. Also the time after I had positive people to help buoy me up. It was what I lacked that previous time. I also looked into myself and saw a positive person. Not everything went right. Far from it. Let’s face it there will always be people around looking to take advantage of someone who’s down. It just part of some people’s nature. And you will face that too.

The Key

Look toward the light. Look to make yourself better and get back on your feet. You will in some form or way if you put the belief in yourself.


The Happiness Equation

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Euphoria and Happiness
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You are reading this online and probably in conjunction with performing some kind if online project. Let’s keep in mind “The Happiness Equation is at work here. Why? Well, because whether or not you realize it you are applying the formula as you do what you do. To paraphrase the line from the original play “Mutiny On The Bounty” :“What you do do, you do for money”


Well, there has to be a reason behind you taking on the project. Thus, they are the seeds of initiative. There is always some kind of payback sort which adds oomf. In a way for a few of you the term “money” is generic. So, we can substitute the word “profit. As profit can present itself in many forms and on many levels. Nevertheless the point is expectation of some kind of reward. It could as simple as self-satisfaction. It could be to increase a following. Ultimately, the goal is to contribute to financial gains in some way as the end result.

The Equation

Initiative plus creativity yields output producing achievement plus success equals happiness. Whether you blog for fun or cash you apply initiative and creativity. In fact in order to do whatever you do online you have to apply the whole Happiness Equation. And it all begins with initiative powering creativity.

Where do you find initiative and creativity?

It comes from that eight pound master processor called the brain. They are standard software which you are constantly evolving throughout your lifetime minute by minute of every day. In short no matter what you hear and say you have the power to work the Happiness Equation within you. Again the keys are initiative and creativity. And the point is they are generated by you, your dreams, and desires.

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