Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

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Yeah the it goes again. You know that inner voice that seems to be taunting you from doing your task, tackling a goal and the list goes on and on. Science says we have a tendency to have a negative inner voice which saps our personal power. Once again the key is to use your tools of initiative and creativity.

Why?Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

That’s not important. What’s important is how to overcome that darn voice. How do I do it? I take it as a challenge. In fact I make it personal. That’s the initiative part. Then there’s the mechanics of how. That’s the creative part. I put aside the doubts and look at the goals. Then I plot at a plan on how to reach that goal.

More Creativity

Visualize the plan and going through the motions. Top pro athletes perform this task everyday. It’s how they boost their own personal power. With a little creativity and positive thought you can override that negative inner voice to success.



Faith Coming Out The Otherside

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FaithTurmoil strikes. Disarray and mayhem rule. What’s a person to do? That’s the question you are left with. The answer is simply draw on initiative and creativity. Have faith you’re coming out the otherside.

First of all

Make a stand to confront the issues at hand. Know that avoidance and running are not an objection. Look for options. Even create a few of your own making. Prepare yourself to endure the worst but expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t anticipate…expect.


Is your friend. The belief in a higher power helps. Belief in yourself empowers you even more. Faith is a two-sided coin that way. A coin that will pay the way to see you to the otherside.

Think on It

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Think on it

Thought and creativity have one thing in common. We have to take our time and think on it. Don’t allow our selves to rushed and don’t put ourselves in position to be rushed. Sure you may feel you do your best work under pressure but the flowering of true creativity works best when freedom is the word.

Pressure adds constraints

Suddenly, we are racing against the clock. If your creativity were a pie chart, on slice would be on beating the clock. That thought is wasting mental processes that could be applied to the process of creation. It’s a deadspot weighing you down with needless pressure.


It the lacking of constraints the adds gusto and flair to projects. You can do things like embellish, change, and add on enhancements. The project results are fuller and more attractive. Challenge yourself and try something new.

You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain

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You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain Let me begin by repeating the statement I have been trying to get readers to take to heart for years. Creativity is an innate function of the brain we all have. You and I initiated the process shortly after birth. Think about the birthing process. For many years it was common practice for the doctor to give a newborn a slight slap on the butt. The newborn would then cry. How did the newborn know to yield the reaction of crying in response to the slight pain? From there the newborn learned how to use crying as a method of getting it’s needs attended to? The baby as it grows learns to adapt this action. It even gets creative in it’s application. Yes, the baby actually learns to experiment with the function of crying. That is the rudiments of creativity. You take an idea and test to see how it works. In a way we all start out with a Thomas Edison frame of mind.

Does this mean we all start out as geniuses?
Remember the commercials on TV where the where the catch phrases was “Not Exactly? (If not search it out on YouTube. They are cute) It does mean we are wired to be creative in some form or other. To steal the credo from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just because we have the ability to be creative doesn’t mean it just manifests itself and “is.”

The facts about creativity
For most people it’s like a muscle. You have to use it, exercise it, and nourish it in order for it to reach full potential. There are very few creative prodigies but they do exist. For the rest of us the brain has to trained. You have to use your imagination and explore your creative side. The controversy over whether or not creativity is limited or unlimited is mostly built upon supposition and a topic I’ll address next time. Meanwhile back at the ranch, take initiative when it comes to creativity and as they say “Work it baby.”

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Exercise an Initiative In Creativity

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Exercise an Initiative In Creativity
Get your body moving”, That was number ten in Psychology Today’s article “10 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less.” At Rhode Island University researchers published “Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Creativity: Immediate and Residual Effects, Creativity Research Journal” It stated

…that both acute and long-term exercise conditions produced significant gains in all three… creativity measures” These results were first reported in 1986. Then in 1987 they tested yet another form of exercise and found significant effects for all three measures of creativity.

For Creativity Exercise is one of the initiatives

Okay not everyone has the time or ability to exercise. The time problem is quickly solved as if you go to and you can search out cardio workout regimens that take 10 minutes of less. There’s even a Tae Bo workout that is 8 minutes long. There are low impact programs for beginners as well. Are you limited in flexibility or mobility? Search out wheelchair exercises and you’ll find workout that not only present gains, some can can be adapted to a regular chair. This I can verify because I introduced such programs on the lower functioning and wheelchair bound at a nursing home/rehabilitation center in New Jersey. Those that stuck to the programs saw all around positive results.

When I am able to workout regularly

The results are clear. My creative output increase in quantity and quality. A workout program can be designed to fit all limitations. They can also be assembled t overcome all excuses except one. The one? I don’t feel like. Initiative takes desire. Subtract the desire and you are only shortchanging yourself. The best attitude to have is the one once extolled in the old Nike ad theme, “Just Do It.”

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Creativity Vs Perfectionism.

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Creativity Vs Perfection the artist

In initiating creativity many people miss the point. They strive for perfectionism. You have to understand the creativity is an expression of you that is a form of release. Perfectionism is a binding force and all it creates is stress,

The conflict

I used to be good friends with a fabulously talented comic book artist. Really one of the top in the business. His main niche was as an inker. That’s a person who takes the original artists penciled work and literally brings it to life. The guy is so good the top artists literally line up to have him embellish their work. The thing was at least in my opinion my friend was as good as an artist, if not better than those whose work he inked over. The problem was when he did work on is own art project, he was too hard on himself. To him it was never good enough. And because of this his mainly worked in his craft as an inker. The only thing wrong about that is it deprived him and the industry of the chance to share in his full talents. That stands out to me as one of the purist examples of the conflict of creativity and perfectionism.

Letting go

The cure for perfectionism. My friend had a keen eye for great art. He just couldn’t see he great he was or actually is. He would always look at his work and find something he could improve. In the essence it was a never ending battle. I understand where he is coming from because I too look at all my creative efforts with a jaundiced eye. The difference is I learned to let go though but not without making a mental note about how I could do better the next time.

Creativity is a force always in a state of flux

Why, because true creativity is always in a state of development. Creativity itself is a ongoing work in progress. As my friend could always look at his work and judge how he could do it better, he didn’t come to terms with the fact what he had created was a greatness of expression in itself. While there is nothing wrong in seeing room for improvement, you short chance yourself when you deny yourself appreciation in what you have expressed creatively.

The key to balancing the two

One is to accept what you have done is a valid expression of your creative talents. Two perfectionism is a tool to used as a method to grow and improve your creative talents. If you give yourself a chance since you are the creative force you are, you will always initiate the opportunity where here always will be “that next time.” In other words you are the key instrument in developing a true balance between creativity and perfectionism.


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Is Inertia The Enemy Of Creating Positive Change?

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The definition of inertia as we know it is the flow of energy in a certain direction. It can be any kind of energy, positive or negative. It can be working with you or against you. When it comes to taking initiative and applying creativity inertia can be as much of a deficit as it can be an asset.

The force of positive change

It is used to battle a negative force which is in full flow thus having built up it’s own inertia. Think of the negative force as a runner breaking through the the tape at the finish line (positive change). It’s the runner’s inertia that carries him or her through the tape. Now if the tape or positive change were a brick wall, well good luck to the runner. As well as all that follow for that matter.

Positive change is not a brick wall

It is an ideal which is built up and given it’s own momentum. It’s mission is to take out the negative forces which have their own inertia. In most cases the inertia of the negative forces have been building up much longer than that of the positive change and are in fact a more powerful force. Thus, making the negative force something to be reckoned with.

When creating positive change

Notice I didn’t use the words attempting positive change. Why, because using the the word attempting leaves a little crack in your efforts. It leaves you open to the supposition of failure. When venturing forward to create a positive change, you cannot afford to allow that crack to exist. Can and will you fail? Of course there is that possibility. But as long as you are of the mind failure is not an option, all you have to do is pick yourself up and try again. Sounds simple right? Well, that depends on you and the inner inertia you have built up whether or not you accept that the opposing negative inertia will stand up to the pounding of the positive inertia building up behind you.

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