Recalling My Prior View On The Prospects of Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare ReformQuoted from 8/23/09
Healthcare reform will fail you and I
To be clear every level of healthcare system is set up to deal with the foreseeable and definitively detectable. Mental healthcare is trickier. It is more difficult to diagnose and it is an inexact science. On top of that we allow general physicians who are not adequately qualified to diagnose mental health problems to prescribe drugs and treatment without the patient getting the benefit of a full physical and mental work up. Insurance companies treat mental healthcare as an extra annoyance. This despite all the knowledge we have accumulated that shows the yearly increase of mental health problems and medical problems tied to mental health problems a flaw prevails. The flaw centers around not one healthcare proposal sufficiently offering a clear path to reversing this trend. In truth they all support the continuation of this failure.

The key to heathcare and mental healthcare reform
One word “Education”. It may seem trivial but 15 minutes three time a week would go a long way. It can start in preschool. When you think about it we all dabble in this education with a concept we call “self improvement.” This is a yearly billion dollar industry. While we do have exercises and games to promote positive concepts, when do not have a complete core training concept. If we teach our children to speak mental health freely. If we teach them to employ positive thinking and mental health concepts from a young age, the number of untreated, misdiagnose, over diagnosed, misprescribed and over medicated people will decline. Instead of increasing the numbers by the thousands who suffer will reverse the trend. If only 1% benefits in the beginning, that 1% will grow exponentially over time. The reality is there are no quick fixes. This is no one part of healthcare where we can just add water and stir for an instant resolve.

In The Present

The fact is Obamacare is going through the pains I outlined back in 2009. Another fact is any healthcare reform plan when adopted would have gone through the same. That is where initiative and creativity need to be applied. There are steps yet to be taken.
Open Mindedness and Receptivity
The only answer I can give is the wheels of change have begun to spin. To halt them would be a disaster waiting to happen. Open mindedness and applied insight will make more positive progress than nitpicking and fingerpointing. We have the technology, brainpower, and the need to create positive change. Let’s stop the bickering and begin the process to take healthcare to a sufficient level to serve all Americans well.


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IntentionsThe phrase “best of intentions” is one we’ve heard and will express many times throughout our life. “We had…”, “They had…”, You had…”, “I had…” those are usually the prefixes that come before. The words will shadow us all throughout life. But good intentions are not the only outcome.

Intentions have consequences. The problem is they are affected by outside factors. “We didn’t think it though.” “We couldn’t have known about that.” And of course the famous “You’re kidding me, right? Those are comments usually accompanied by the “oops factor.”

Outcomes whether good or bad
The intentions are what really matter. The intention is what we should associate those who took the action. That which matters is what those meant not always what the results are. It could mean all the difference world between people.

Think on It

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Think on it

Thought and creativity have one thing in common. We have to take our time and think on it. Don’t allow our selves to rushed and don’t put ourselves in position to be rushed. Sure you may feel you do your best work under pressure but the flowering of true creativity works best when freedom is the word.

Pressure adds constraints

Suddenly, we are racing against the clock. If your creativity were a pie chart, on slice would be on beating the clock. That thought is wasting mental processes that could be applied to the process of creation. It’s a deadspot weighing you down with needless pressure.


It the lacking of constraints the adds gusto and flair to projects. You can do things like embellish, change, and add on enhancements. The project results are fuller and more attractive. Challenge yourself and try something new.