An Option

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First Full Disclosure: Though I once was a Donald Trump fan over time even before he declared he was running for President, I became dubious. Also pre-election I was not satisfied with the cast of characters who also declared. In the end, I voted for Hillary Clinton for many reasons. No the least of which I saw no one else as standing out as a better candidate. Also, I am a lifelong Independent, if for no other reason than I believe the major political parties instead of fully serve the American public mostly would rather vote against or for legislature based on whether or not their party initiated it. Many of their decisions are not a product of reaching across the divide and define their final decision based on what their constituents needs are. There are too few Chuck Schumers throughout both houses.

By now we have all come to realize our country is approaching the domain of complete disarray politically, socially, and in ideologies. In the same vein, we all realize this needs to be changed. I hear the rumblings that the President is trying to run the country in the mode of a businessman running his business. I see the similarities. I also hear the fact Trump did not get elected by the people but by the few in the Electoral College. Well, people wanted change and Trump’s camp pulled off the businessman’s strategy. After all, wasn’t this the ultimate application of “The Art Of The Deal.”

I can relate to what is happening now because of something from my own past experience. I like sports mostly football is my main passion but I maintain an interest in baseball and basketball. I once dated a woman who knew nothing about sports except for the fact they existed. So, she wanted me to explain and teach her about sports. First of all, she wanted to know everything about every sport all at once preferably in ten sentences or less. I explained to her it would be not only not possible but would cause her great confusion. I wanted to narrow it down to one sport at a time. She fought for more so we settled on starting with football and baseball. I interjected that we would take each as a subject one at a time. Now you have to remember this was before the advent of the internet being an integral instrument of sourcing information. So, one day we talk football and another baseball. I came up with the idea that maybe going to the library and get perspective from articles written by great sports writers. Okay now don’t laugh but this conversation actually went down this way. She said, “Oh like Rex Reed.”.I replied, “No, he’s does movie reviews.” I was thinking guys like Dick Young.” Her comeback,  “What’s sex have to do with it?” So now, you understand the degree of difficulty I was dealing with. One day she wanted to talk football and another she only wanted to discuss baseball. And so it went back and forth at her discretion. After all who was I to call the shots. The outcome was not only predictable but hilarious. We were putting together a themed party with two other couples when we hit some logistical snags we needed to work out. Before I tell you what happened let me just explain she was beautiful, really very intelligent in many areas but sports were her kryptonite. With that said my girlfriend suddenly got the urge to spur us into action by using sports metaphors. Out came the famous call to action,”Okay folks if we’re going to get this done we need to get into gametime mode. I’ll get my catcher’s mitt and Rich you be the quarterback.” And it is with that memorable moment I compare the current course of the Trump led political foundation of this country. It goes from the President right down throughout both houses of congress. It is one constant wave of conflicting confusions.

You have to understand a businessman applied a business strategy to get elected as a President. Where the metaphors become confused comes the difference between being a businessman and a President. A businessman who runs a business has the final word as to what he wants from his business. A President’s final word is culled from what the citizen’s need and want as well as what he can negotiate through what those in the Senate and House are hearing from their constituents they represent. You can’t say I own this country so this is what I want and this what you will do and the nation will have to accept. The “I know best” attitude doesn’t cut it. On all levels of government, all sides have to be able to reach across the aisle and understand the constituents in Wyoming have different views and needs than those in Alabama. Final judgment cannot be made by personal decreed. It has to be made by taking the time to gain insight from all sides and find a base of moderation. Add to that that the base has to have flexibility to it and cannot be one ridged concept. With all that said you have to accept there will always be those who will suffer fallout. And there must be a consideration included that will abate that to a minimum. In short, at least attempt to make the impossible….possible. In a business, the owner or CEO’s make those they oversee answer to them. In being President of a nation, you answer to those who you oversee. The roles of accountability virtually are the reverse of one another.

Note: The above was written just before Steve Bannon’s exit

from the Trump Administration

Now the option which is constructed from many parts. First and foremost President Trump has to transition from the “I, I, I, rhetoric. That has worn thinner than a 10 thread count bedsheet. In fact, as soon as the word “I” leaves the President’s lips much of the public’s listening switches click off. A large portion of his nation’s attention is lost. Next the President Trump has to shed the businessman Trump brand. Honestly, most people I talk with state blatantly, “I feel like I am living in a corner the Twilight Zone called  “The Apprentice Live”.  As the revolving door centered in this administration spits out contestants with vigorous regularity those famous “You’re Fired” words reverberates in the public’s perception. The nation doesn’t see the comfort word “Stability” in the administration’s reflection. President Trump has to separate himself from the persona once known as “The Donald.” A true leader doesn’t survive playing divide and conquer within the land he oversees. A true leader builds more leaders who will champion his cause. At this rate I see Kurt Russell’s character Snake Plissken being resurrected for yet another sequel “Escape From D.C.”


Back In Business

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It has been a while after a long hospitalization within which internet was blocked so that facility conditions could not be published. Now to be clear there were nurses and CNA’s (certified nurses aides)  whom exceeded and defied management unwritten rules and regulations to give the best care within their ability. And I might add went beyond. Most are no longer there.. So give me time to become more regular in posting.

Coming Out The Other Side of Happiness

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Coming Out The Other Side of Happiness Dark times happen and we find ourselves on the other side of happiness. It happens to everyone. Its happened to me on multiple occasions and likely to you as well

Where Does The Healing Begin?

For most of us when we reached the other side which is happiness. Sadly, others need help to get in touch with that other side. Admittedly I needed that help once. The outcome taught me a lesson. When faced with even greater adversity I took initiative and used creativity to pull myself through. This last time was worse then the other. Strangely enough not too long after the other hardship and ten times worse.

But That’s Me

Everyone different. What did I do that second time that I didn’t the first. I looked through the darkness toward the the light. Also the time after I had positive people to help buoy me up. It was what I lacked that previous time. I also looked into myself and saw a positive person. Not everything went right. Far from it. Let’s face it there will always be people around looking to take advantage of someone who’s down. It just part of some people’s nature. And you will face that too.

The Key

Look toward the light. Look to make yourself better and get back on your feet. You will in some form or way if you put the belief in yourself.

Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

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Yeah the it goes again. You know that inner voice that seems to be taunting you from doing your task, tackling a goal and the list goes on and on. Science says we have a tendency to have a negative inner voice which saps our personal power. Once again the key is to use your tools of initiative and creativity.

Why?Your Inner Voice and Your Personal Power

That’s not important. What’s important is how to overcome that darn voice. How do I do it? I take it as a challenge. In fact I make it personal. That’s the initiative part. Then there’s the mechanics of how. That’s the creative part. I put aside the doubts and look at the goals. Then I plot at a plan on how to reach that goal.

More Creativity

Visualize the plan and going through the motions. Top pro athletes perform this task everyday. It’s how they boost their own personal power. With a little creativity and positive thought you can override that negative inner voice to success.


Faith Coming Out The Otherside

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FaithTurmoil strikes. Disarray and mayhem rule. What’s a person to do? That’s the question you are left with. The answer is simply draw on initiative and creativity. Have faith you’re coming out the otherside.

First of all

Make a stand to confront the issues at hand. Know that avoidance and running are not an objection. Look for options. Even create a few of your own making. Prepare yourself to endure the worst but expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t anticipate…expect.


Is your friend. The belief in a higher power helps. Belief in yourself empowers you even more. Faith is a two-sided coin that way. A coin that will pay the way to see you to the otherside.