Bringing Ourselves To The Game

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It’s baseball season and everyone is full of optimism even me who really is only casually interested in the sport. I like the beginning of any sport season. It reflects one of the life’s greatest offering. The offering is opportunity


Nothing gets done if you don’t do it. That’s a credo I have heard repeated all my life. I admit I didn’t always take it to heart. There are times I still forget to. Yet, I never forget that opportunity is always there. I do know when I lose sight of it. Initiative is the tool I use to bring myself back into the game.

Initiative is fine but useless when it has nothing to propel it forward. Initiative is all about taking the first step. Creativity is what makes initiative more than just a step. Together they bring me to the game.


Think About It

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Rich Thinking
Okay you and I are experiencing the same economic difficulties. We all know people who are experiencing job losses. We all have watched companies go out of business. So we all know to be careful right?

What you and I want
To take initiative and protect ourselves against financial loss. Many people are rushing into trying to set up instant businesses without taking the steps for long term success. Of course part of the enticement is artificial deadlines and quotas. Many of which especially when it comes to quotas are manufactured to create false urgency. False urgency has become the number on sales tools in all sales ventures right now. If they can’t show you enough to assure you what it is all about. If they can’t clearly define the process. For instance is what they are asking you to purchase is all that you need or after you enter into the enterprise you are being immediately upsold to an “even more better phase.” The point is an point of surprise or extra cost to get you to this better deal is a sign…to think about it. And if at any time before you can get your venture off the ground they same people come back at you with another sure thing, get a refund. What they are telling you is what you just purchased isn’t the real deal. If it was all they should be offering you until you begin to profit is support toward your goal.

Initiative Steps Up With Creativity

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The resources available to you and I in these times are like never before. In thinking about it, that was being said twenty years ago. In four years we will have made the same kind of tech leaps we did in the last twenty. And I have a point to all of this.

The process of whatever
You know how the “it” call of the day was whatever. Whatever is now a reality. Our power to do whatever grows exponentially every day. The means the power to do more of what we want. Technology aided by our own creativity means what we picture in a our minds becomes more of a reality. Creative visualizations are being transformed to real physical forms we can see and touch. We have that power. All it takes is just pairing initiative with a little creativity using the resources at our disposal and we can have it all.


Chain Of Events

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So Wheres my Old Spice Commercial
So Where’s my Old Spice Commercial

Most of us look at things in the light of being omens of what is or what will be. What you have to question is your perspective disarming your chance for opportunities? Could it be you are being lulled into leaving your future to the fates? Initiative and Creativity is the fuel to make the chain of events you need.

Taking control
That is what embodies the link between Initiative and Creativity. By waiting you are relinquishing your power of choice. Now, keep in mind taking control is not the same as forcing yourself through to your goal. Taking control is a process. The process is a flow reflection, analysis, planning and desired outcome.

Does life happen to you or for you?
You and I have a say in some way which the answer is be. Of course, you can’t define everything in terms of complete control. Still you have to realize in some way you will have an opportunity to have your say.​ As I have said so many times it’s a matter of redefining your perspective and applying it with the power of Initiative and Creativity

Taking a point to the next level

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Each of my blogs has something different to offer for everyone. At times I’ll write a post or article and want to say something else more I feel surfers want from the subject. I always want to be sure that those who don’t want to click away and continue are satisfied as well. I also want them to know if they do click away, it’s not just the same thing in another way or format. Normally I don’t do this because I plan it. I do it because that his how the creative flow is working at that day and time.

How it happened the other day
I wrote the piece “A Bad Day Is A Good Day.” What the article is really is a “how to” to profit from your bad days. I even show you have to turn the bad day around. Then, I wrote the script for the podcast “About The Speed of Life and Web 2.0. A fun podcast which has a great take on what can lead to bad days and the appreciation for the good that does happen. These articles are the ying and yang born from the same idea. They are both about experiencing appreciation.

The point of it all
You and I may not do enough of this appreciation building. Not just of what happens to us, but what we do in life. You and I are the centers of our own happiness. The happiness we want and need grows exponentially when we feed it with appreciation.

Creative Reframing your Initiative

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Something to think about. You like me when we get in the “on a mission” mode we charge forward. Many times things need to get to be done pronto “in our eyes.” That mindset in itself can be a progress inhibitor and a propellor of our intiative.

The reframing point
What is happening is all two common. We are in the center looking out. What can happen is we are conveying what we see and disassociating our outlook from where others have their perspective. What adds to this is the for the centralized person begin to see this as a matter of clear cuts. That is our reframing point.

Step back
An overused comedic joke is someone getting blindsided and someone else saying matter of factly, “they should have been standing there.” Sure the after thought is clear and factual. The fore thought is if you didn’t no it was coming how could you have prepared for it. That is what you need to do in getting across you mission. Help the potential blindside person see what’s coming and how it will affect and what it will affect. To do this you have to bring this out of yourself and wind it back in with how you communicate your mission. This creates allies and lowers resistance which comes natural when facing a tsunami of “ I’m on a mission.”


Freeing Up Creativity and Initiative

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I came up against a lawyer who just was so full of himself I tell people by saying he out grew his hair. The guy has this Emperor Nero thing going up top. His ego put him on par with the Nero myth of playing the lyre while Rome Ancient Rome burned to the ground. I have to admit next to my much touted lawyer this guy was the second coming of Charles Darrow.

Oh yeah the creative initiative

In our meeting if I had let my lawyer continue to make like a major league bobblehead doll, old Chucky Sleaze was going to get away with murder. So what I did was resort to a giving the most powerful one word answer just before my lawyer would nod my life away. It was clear concise and non-abrasive. I won’t tell you this word but I will tell you that people have paid me to find out what was so they could use it against him. How well did it work? One person actually sent me a nice size tip after their encounter with Mr. Sleaze. As for myself this word saved the day having unhinged the man. My initiative wound up costing his devious client thousand more than if they had come to the meeting honestly.

The real deal
Pull yourself out of a situation emotionally and you will be amazed at what you can do. Initiative and creativity will flow freely if you can achieve this. How is this accomplished? Just as I will be confronting con artist in court soon, I have reframed things to not be about it’s me against him. I changed my mindset with the knowledge that anyone else could have been the target. Just as I did that day. I keyed in on the actions not the person. In doing so just as I did with Mr. Sleaze I was able to unravel my newest unfriend Connie Artist and in fact he may even see jail time because Connie actually supplied what I need himself.