The Reality of Words

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The Reality of Words

Interestingly enough on a The Rich Naran Live podcast one week I posted this piece which you should listen to before reading on:

The Reality of Words Versus Actions (right click open in new window)

Going back to Facebook I posted on a friend’s page who was promoting support for a man who was told he could not fly an American flag and a military service flag. Now this illustrates the point of my podcast to the hilt. I “Liked” the post and asked “Why?” hoping to get the story behind this absurdity being decreed. A person who not only does not know me, but is not friended by the host poster commented through a third party with an infantile and ignorant insult aimed at me. Now if he were a friend of the page host or myself he would have seen I “Liked” the post and his perception was totally off base. And again if he had an affiliation with either of us he would have been aware of my history of support for veterans and my efforts to increase awareness of American companies giving away overseas for free technologies the disabled and declining to offer the same to our disabled veterans. There also my past efforts during the Bush area to promote the awareness of cutbacks to and the lack of medical and mental healthcare for returning vets at my former websites. One of which, ProjectHealthcare, was given notice by at the time. In other words he have would had the awareness tools to construct a different perspective and never would have instituted his unrelenting acts of self righteous ignorance.

Lack of knowledge
That is the main reason behind most misinterpretations as it was in many ways in this case. The cues were all there but this person wasn’t aware. And as happens this person refused to accept responsibility for his display of ignorance he continued to expound on it. Instead of an “Oops, sorry about that pal” he tried to reverse the blame. Let’s also keep in mind his aggressive display of stupidity violated several points in the terms of service according to Facebook and by reporting this event he would probably have had his account suspended. Sniping third party sites and posting vulgarities is a big no-no. I choose the high road obviously this person had dibs on the low road already. The lesson is to be careful in both real world and online social circles of what you respond to. Of course also pause and think before you do. This whole event was needless as was like the person who caused it is as well. Again if you haven’t give a listen to the podcast and understand our own perceptions are not always on the mark.


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