You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain

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You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain Let me begin by repeating the statement I have been trying to get readers to take to heart for years. Creativity is an innate function of the brain we all have. You and I initiated the process shortly after birth. Think about the birthing process. For many years it was common practice for the doctor to give a newborn a slight slap on the butt. The newborn would then cry. How did the newborn know to yield the reaction of crying in response to the slight pain? From there the newborn learned how to use crying as a method of getting it’s needs attended to? The baby as it grows learns to adapt this action. It even gets creative in it’s application. Yes, the baby actually learns to experiment with the function of crying. That is the rudiments of creativity. You take an idea and test to see how it works. In a way we all start out with a Thomas Edison frame of mind.

Does this mean we all start out as geniuses?
Remember the commercials on TV where the where the catch phrases was “Not Exactly? (If not search it out on YouTube. They are cute) It does mean we are wired to be creative in some form or other. To steal the credo from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just because we have the ability to be creative doesn’t mean it just manifests itself and “is.”

The facts about creativity
For most people it’s like a muscle. You have to use it, exercise it, and nourish it in order for it to reach full potential. There are very few creative prodigies but they do exist. For the rest of us the brain has to trained. You have to use your imagination and explore your creative side. The controversy over whether or not creativity is limited or unlimited is mostly built upon supposition and a topic I’ll address next time. Meanwhile back at the ranch, take initiative when it comes to creativity and as they say “Work it baby.”

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