The Initiative of Being Creative

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The initiative of being creative

Steven Kotler a contributing writer to Forbes once wrote “Creatives fail and the really good ones fail often,” Being a person who falls into the category of being a creative, I can tell you first hand how true it is. Being creative is no different than striving for success in any other sector of life. Well, there is one difference. Your failures tend to be more visible to others either in your field or the general public. To exist as a true creative you have to grow a thick skin.

Oh the criticism

It doesn’t matter how good or how bad your work is someone’s nails a point of interest to the complaint board. The “Oh you should have done this or that better”, people infect all creative followings. Keep in mind those vocalizing couldn’t have even come close to your accomplishment, but they love to criticize anyway. What’s the label I’m looking for? Oh yeah, “Naysayers.” They’re the termites of the creative world.

Expect failure

In a way that’s a creative’s badge of honor. It’s like crumbs on the couch potatoes who just sit there wallowing in their own snacking aftermath. The difference is at least you are doing something with your life besides raising your cholesterol levels. Success often emerges from the shadows of failure. While all the couch potato has to show for their crumb collection is a pending heart condition and a tendency toward obesity.

Take heart

You will succeed on some level in some way or other. In fact you achieved your first success the moment you took initiative and dove into your creative endeavor. Doers are the real living success stories. Couch potatoes and naysayers…not so much

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