To Believe in Magic is Believing in Yourself

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To believe in magic is believing  in yourself

The hit song from the group Pilot, Do you Believe in Magic made them a one hit wonder. There are a lot of those in the music industry and throughout life itself. For instance it’s been debated for decades if Albert Einstein himself was a one hit wonder in his field.

Look at a kaleidoscope of your life
There are times where you shined. There are times not so much. It a fact of life and living that your going to have your peaks and valleys. Everyone of us has created a magical moment at one time or another. It could have had affected others around you or realized and felt by you yourself. The trick is to hold on to these moments inside of you. They are self prove of your capabilities. They also serve to build up your self esteem.

And who cares
Well for one you should. For example, I performed as a magician for 20 plus years. I would be amazed how audiences would be thrilled over tricks so simplistic I didn’t think they would go over with anyone. Yet, they at times became some of my most requested tricks. You don’t have to be a magician to have that affect on others. You just have to be….you and genuine in what you do and say. And that is the key to the magic I performed and the key to the magic you share in everyday life.

Do you believe in magic?
I’ll rephrase that. Do you believe in you the person? If you do then you know the true secret behind all magic. Both stage and in everyday life and living.

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