Exercise an Initiative In Creativity

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Exercise an Initiative In Creativity
Get your body moving”, That was number ten in Psychology Today’s article “10 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less.” At Rhode Island University researchers published “Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Creativity: Immediate and Residual Effects, Creativity Research Journal” It stated

…that both acute and long-term exercise conditions produced significant gains in all three… creativity measures” These results were first reported in 1986. Then in 1987 they tested yet another form of exercise and found significant effects for all three measures of creativity.

For Creativity Exercise is one of the initiatives

Okay not everyone has the time or ability to exercise. The time problem is quickly solved as if you go to YouTube.com and you can search out cardio workout regimens that take 10 minutes of less. There’s even a Tae Bo workout that is 8 minutes long. There are low impact programs for beginners as well. Are you limited in flexibility or mobility? Search out wheelchair exercises and you’ll find workout that not only present gains, some can can be adapted to a regular chair. This I can verify because I introduced such programs on the lower functioning and wheelchair bound at a nursing home/rehabilitation center in New Jersey. Those that stuck to the programs saw all around positive results.

When I am able to workout regularly

The results are clear. My creative output increase in quantity and quality. A workout program can be designed to fit all limitations. They can also be assembled t overcome all excuses except one. The one? I don’t feel like. Initiative takes desire. Subtract the desire and you are only shortchanging yourself. The best attitude to have is the one once extolled in the old Nike ad theme, “Just Do It.”

Exercise and the Brain

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