Creativity Vs Perfectionism.

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Creativity Vs Perfection the artist

In initiating creativity many people miss the point. They strive for perfectionism. You have to understand the creativity is an expression of you that is a form of release. Perfectionism is a binding force and all it creates is stress,

The conflict

I used to be good friends with a fabulously talented comic book artist. Really one of the top in the business. His main niche was as an inker. That’s a person who takes the original artists penciled work and literally brings it to life. The guy is so good the top artists literally line up to have him embellish their work. The thing was at least in my opinion my friend was as good as an artist, if not better than those whose work he inked over. The problem was when he did work on is own art project, he was too hard on himself. To him it was never good enough. And because of this his mainly worked in his craft as an inker. The only thing wrong about that is it deprived him and the industry of the chance to share in his full talents. That stands out to me as one of the purist examples of the conflict of creativity and perfectionism.

Letting go

The cure for perfectionism. My friend had a keen eye for great art. He just couldn’t see he great he was or actually is. He would always look at his work and find something he could improve. In the essence it was a never ending battle. I understand where he is coming from because I too look at all my creative efforts with a jaundiced eye. The difference is I learned to let go though but not without making a mental note about how I could do better the next time.

Creativity is a force always in a state of flux

Why, because true creativity is always in a state of development. Creativity itself is a ongoing work in progress. As my friend could always look at his work and judge how he could do it better, he didn’t come to terms with the fact what he had created was a greatness of expression in itself. While there is nothing wrong in seeing room for improvement, you short chance yourself when you deny yourself appreciation in what you have expressed creatively.

The key to balancing the two

One is to accept what you have done is a valid expression of your creative talents. Two perfectionism is a tool to used as a method to grow and improve your creative talents. If you give yourself a chance since you are the creative force you are, you will always initiate the opportunity where here always will be “that next time.” In other words you are the key instrument in developing a true balance between creativity and perfectionism.


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