Is Inertia The Enemy Of Creating Positive Change?

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The definition of inertia as we know it is the flow of energy in a certain direction. It can be any kind of energy, positive or negative. It can be working with you or against you. When it comes to taking initiative and applying creativity inertia can be as much of a deficit as it can be an asset.

The force of positive change

It is used to battle a negative force which is in full flow thus having built up it’s own inertia. Think of the negative force as a runner breaking through the the tape at the finish line (positive change). It’s the runner’s inertia that carries him or her through the tape. Now if the tape or positive change were a brick wall, well good luck to the runner. As well as all that follow for that matter.

Positive change is not a brick wall

It is an ideal which is built up and given it’s own momentum. It’s mission is to take out the negative forces which have their own inertia. In most cases the inertia of the negative forces have been building up much longer than that of the positive change and are in fact a more powerful force. Thus, making the negative force something to be reckoned with.

When creating positive change

Notice I didn’t use the words attempting positive change. Why, because using the the word attempting leaves a little crack in your efforts. It leaves you open to the supposition of failure. When venturing forward to create a positive change, you cannot afford to allow that crack to exist. Can and will you fail? Of course there is that possibility. But as long as you are of the mind failure is not an option, all you have to do is pick yourself up and try again. Sounds simple right? Well, that depends on you and the inner inertia you have built up whether or not you accept that the opposing negative inertia will stand up to the pounding of the positive inertia building up behind you.

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