Experience A Tool of Success

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Einstein in Thought an experience tool

We go to school to learn how to be successful in life. You may not think of school like that but that is it’s main goal. The proof is at this time Technical based schools are flourishing. A funny thing happens on the way to success more times than not the lack of experience undermines our efforts. Tech schools give you that hands on experience you need.

So, why don’t all schools mimic tech schools?

In a way some do. They offer gateway internships. Yet most internship availability is limited. School book learning is not enough and that is why less than 25% of all grads end up in their field of study.

Is there another way?

Initiative and creativity are the answer. In layman’s term is trial and error that legendary school of hard knocks. You see schools do give you the basics. You have to not only learn to apply them, but you have to find a way to do it. In internet terms we called craving out your niche. Finding a niche is not tied to the internet alone. That’s where taking initiative to move forward to your goal may even mean creating it from scratch. Just because opportunity doesn’t present itself doesn’t mean you don’t have the tools and creativity to make it so. With a tip of the hat to trekkies world over don’t sit there pining, waiting and grumbling, make it so.

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