Empowering Your Brain

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Have you ever heard of Khan Academy? It’s said to be an online learning resource. In reality if your smart, it could be much more. You want to grow your intelligence and increase your brain power? Learn to nourish or feed the brain.

Work The Brain

My first time on Khan Academy I chose the math curriculum. First up double digit multiplication. Now math was a weak subject in school for me. In fact one of the only two I had to work at. Yet there I was doing the double digit multiplication in my head. I didn’t realize it was okay t use paper. I’d get four right then miss one because of a silly mistake. You need five in a row to complete the module. Since I was doing it all mentally though it take me longer. I got a brain workout.

Feed The Brain

Activities like Khan Academy are not the only way to nourish the brain. Open yourself to different experiences. Something as simple as just changing something you do repetitively in your day. Change the way or the time you perform a few tasks. It could be something as simple as if you layout papers for a meeting from left to right per person, go the opposite way. Challenge yourself to alter patterns just for no reason but to create change up. Of course what I am outlining is taking initiative and being creative. Even simple things grow and empower the brain. Little thing lead to bigger.

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