Positive Thinking

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Confident Woman

Positive thinking is an aspect of initiative and creativity. We actually apply it in many ways throughout life. In fact at times we use it to get through the day. It is the power behind motivation. It is the impetus to put up with certain situations and people. It propels us to achieve our goals.

Denise Austin vs Jillian Micheals

They use the power of positive thinking to push individuals to achieve physical fitness in different manners. Denise uses the sweet “Come along with me you can do this” method. Jillian is more the staff sargent pushing you toward your reaching your potential. Both as diverse as they are in their approaches are extremely successful.

The Thomas Edison Approach

Thomas Edison had over 1000 patented inventions. Each invention was the culmination of thousands of failures the preceded them. Why, because in his mindset he didn’t fail, he just found the way it didn’t work. Each failure to Edison was a step closer to achieving success.

I Played The Edison Card

Their are two exercises I love. One is the benchpress the other is the push-up. As I recovered from a debilitating illness that stole my ability to move, I kept pressing each of my therapist to help me to do a push-up. That’s all I wanted is to do one push-up. They all said I wasn’t ready. Finally at one point one such therapist went so far as to say I was far away from the that just yet. I went to my little 6×8 space in my shared room with the notion “Yes I can,” I would try and fail. Each time I focused on the why. I had the strength. It had to be my approach. Over and over I did a personal checklist of my previous attempts before trying again. I knew I could do this. I just had to find the way to control my body to perform the action. Finally and a mean after a long afternoon I did one half decently. Well, I figured if I could do one, I could do two. This led to three then four until I finally collapsed fatigued after I spastically got through ten in a row.

The True Essence of Failure

In short the loss of positive thinking. There is a difference between stopping and knowing you’ll come back to it again and stopping because you are giving in. The positive thinking is knowing your goal or goals are achievable. The positive thinking is in knowing you just have to find away.

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