The Ever Concept of Changing Me

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Gang of Rich

The children’s song “Do Ri Me”goes like this “Me, the name I call myself”. The concept of me is a wonderful work in the constant state of metamorphosis. It’s only right since the homo sapien species itself is a product of evolution. We have understand as overall evolution takes eons, the evolution of me can take place anywhere ranging from the matter of seconds to a course of decades.

It’s unavoidable

The key to this is change. It is written into our DNA. Change comes about by many different aspects of life and living. One is exposure to new things, ideas and idealisms. Personal health plays a part in this too. Environment is a factor. State of mind has it’s effect either overall or at the moment. A child who grew up playing gunfight and army as an adult could become a staunch gun control advocate. Change is like death and taxes, it’s going to happen.

Can we control change?

Yes and no. There are areas in our lives where we can strive and achieve desired changes. Physical fitness is one such for most. Opinions are always subject to change in someway or other even in the most stubborn of people. The list is infinite in some ways and finite in others. The key here is your willingness to initiate the change and employ the inner source the self-empowerment to create the change in yourself, situation or life circumstance of concern.

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One thought on “The Ever Concept of Changing Me

    Levi said:
    December 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Cool post! I like to contemplate our changing bodies (which of course encompass our changing minds). I’m coming to terms with these things while watching my baby grow. I wrote about it here:

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