The Ever Shrinking World

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In grade school we learned in history classes about the narrow minded views of this planet held by past societies. It was once thought the world was flat. Also at one time it was believed the sun and planets revolved around this one. It all came from inaccurate observations and centric minded thinking.

What we know today

First of all they found out the world wasn’t flat. Columbus discovered that when on his journey China he bumped into the Caribbean isles and introduced them to STD’s and other such gifts of the then modern advanced society. Alexander Bell is credited with bringing us closer with the breakthrough invention called the telephone. And let us not forget Al Gore would like us to believe he is a founding father of the Internet. That in itself has evolved into a conundrum. It has freed us up and locked us down at the same time. The web widened our reach while leading us to regress backwards in terms of centric behaviors. The proof of that is there really someone else who hasn’t experienced unreturned emails text messages or voicemails only to down the road hear the words “I got them”?

We are closer yet

As technology tethers us tighter together it makes us develop almost an immunity to personal one on one interactions. During the childhood of cells phones the other party in our relationship bought me a cellphone so she could keep tabs on me – – while she cheated. I referred to the device as an electronic leash. Back in the sixties we had a thing called “The World’s Fair”. One of it’s trademark was showing futuristic technologies. One such was the video phone. Now we can talk and see each other on the tiniest of devices and on computers and tablets as well.

We need to resurrect a missing aspect of living

I call it the personal touch. In an era where people enter in the most intimate of relationships and yet somehow never come face to face, we need to revive in person one on one interaction. We need to respond to physicality and yes experience people with bad breath. Why? Well it’s all part of the conundrum. The more connected we’ve become the more detached we grow.

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