In Choosing The Unknown

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Girl in Shadow


Life offers limitless possibilities on one hand. On the other it also grants us a cornucopia of obstacles and hazards. So, as we look down the paths of life in front of us we are left to ponder where will the really take us? We can only guess at what the twist and turns will bring. The futures are only determined by the choices we make both good and bad.

That is the only guarantee choosing the unknown gives us. While not all adventures are good, some offer the converse. The mystery of it all can be just as compelling as it is scary. Good are bad as we emerge from each adventure the a person would be wise to take away the knowledge of lessons learned. They also should mine out the positives and store them away in a place ready for application.

The Graduate
May it be high school, college, grad school or tech school, the Graduate faces choosing the unknown on so many different levels. In choosing the unknown the rewards are a mystery. In choosing the known doesn’t make for a guarantee of positive rewards. I was witness to my own father reaching out into the unknown and changing professions multiple times. Only once did he fail and that was miserably enough to send most people in a downward spiral. Believe me it was truly rock bottom. In the rest he would each time rise to the top excelling to point where he would end up in a managerial position he never really wanted. His whole professional life was built on a series of choosing the unknown.

Success can be a forerunner as much as a result
Success leads us to more choices of the unknown than the path that took us there. In fact success is a choices of the unknown magnet. While in choosing the unknown to venture forth we open ourselves up to new horizons, challenges and motivations. We feed our souls with types of stimulation, choosing the known could never present us. Each success and failure from doing so leaves us with the ambition to propel us forward. Yes they offer us the ability to apply initiative and creativity in ways that make us grow in self-empowerment.

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