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I found it interesting that Amazon has a whole section of kids books devoted to one sound. A certain writer has a whole series devoted to this sound. The object is to make kids laugh and giggle. But we all create sound don’t we? Even deaf and mute people create sound. All for differing reasons. In the moment these sounds have purpose.

Musical sounds

Whether it’s singing, humming, tapping, playing an instrument or whatever the sounds have purpose. Some of these type sounds we associate with magical moments. Sometimes these kinds of sounds are what make the moment in that given moment. Certain kinds of music not only affect mood but mental clarity as well.

Other sounds

Their are sounds that warn like a car or truck horn and maybe someone standing there clearing their throat. Computers, laptops, and tablets make sounds. The iconic Microsoft start up rift. Mechanics call it tuning up a car. They revel in the roar of an engine. A baby learns crying sounds give it attention. We use sound to distract and cause misdirection.

Sound is a driving force in life

As I compose this an ambulance siren is racing by. It can be as terrifying or as comforting as suits the moment. Back in the days when only radio ruled the home entertainment genre sounds drove the stories that thrilled the masses. It is sound that drives the many of the blockbuster movies of today. I sleep better to the hum of an air conditioner at night even in the winter. A fact of life is we cannot go through the day without initiating and creating sounds of some sort. Sound are within and surround us and some we become so use to them we go through the day without noticing them. Yet, when they are not there, we notice something’s different.

Oh yeah name that sound

Remember the sound Amazon has built a whole kids section for? Oh, I didn’t tell you what it was. Can you guess? Ready? The fart. It makes kids laugh. It brings in big bucks for certain authors. See iTunes, music is not the only way to generate profits through sound.

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