About Dreams And Desires

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We all have what are called dreams and desires. They are innate to the human living experience. We create them from within. We activate the process of making them a reality by taking initiative. Yes, they come about by our actions and many times hard work.

Why do we have them?

Well they take seed at birth. When we begin life we immediately are driven by needs and wants. Born out of that believe it or not is imagination and creativity. It comes about though the exercising of trial and error of obtaining our wants. A basic in life is when a newborn wants. He or she cries. This is the infant form of taking initiative. As the baby grows so does it’s curiosities and wants. This is the birth of dreams and desires.

How do they we grow them?

The key is so simplistic. They grow as we learn and experience throughout our lifetime. As we develop and change so do our dreams and desires. They also mature as we do as well as through what we do. An example in my life as I got involved in doing charity work I opened my world to new views and ideals. As I dated and associated with others in relationships, my horizons changed. As those horizons morphed so did my dreams and desires. We all share in that same process. The action and interaction with different people and environments, they alter our dreams and desires.

In making dreams and desire real

Two simple tools that only work by taking action. What are those tools? Creativity and initiative the tools we have been applying since birth. As we have grown we have developed these tools and the ways we use them. As long as we never take a pause from learning and seeking alternative ways to learn, we will cease in growing our dreams and desires.

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