In Driving Your Life

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I catch myself saying at times,”I am not where I want to be in life.” Other times I am prone to say “I am not where I am going to be in life, right now.” The first acknowledges the reality. The second drives me in the right direction I need to be headed.

Thought, word and deed.

They are the generic way of saying “conceive, believe and achieve. Actually they are easier forms of the concept for your mind to grasp. Believe it or not, it is the way your mind wants you to work. It wants you to think in more comfortable terms. Buzz and power words are great but your mind wants you to make it work less in the processing area. Thought, word and deed give your mind what it wants. Simple driving directions to get you where you are going.

An example

I used to perform as a magician and a clown. This meant I had to appear at places and home that were way off the beaten path. This was before GPS was available in an affordable range. What I found was directions that included landmark instead of or with the street names were easier to follow than street names alone. It was harder to read street signs by themselves especially at night. Almost always I got to the place where I had the landmarks much faster and with less tension than those others. Your mind works better and faster when you simplify.

Your goal orientation

Or more simply getting what you want comes from breaking to down. Simpler is less challenging but more comfortable. Breaking down difficult tasks into simpler parts makes them appear easier to do. Mountains became little hills and you accomplish thought, word and deed with all the zeal and appearance of conceive, believe and achieve.

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