BlockBuster Memories

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Rich Naran coddling memories
Rich Naran coddling memories

It was announced the BlockBuster the movie rental giant of the ’90’s is shuttering all 300 of their remaining stores. Along with that it’s NetFlix’s like division will cease operations. Coincidentally one of my FaceBook groups posted a black and white pic of the iconic Ice Cream stand Hoyers. What both places had in common is that at one time this places brought friends and families many hours of special times. Yes, they brought people together to enjoy themselves and each other. I miss those times.

Hoyers also sold Christmas trees many of which adorned my family homes first as kid then in my shared bachelor pad and yet again when I married and continued when I divorced. These memories stick with you. Time passes bringing us opportunity to create new memories. Life is lived in the moment and in those blockbuster memories. As I found out the hard way in both the good and bad times we endure. They will always be kept alive as long as we take the time to recall and share them among others and within ourselves. Maybe we may never be able to go back, but in a way we never left.

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