The Life Key To Despair

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Despair is like a lock. It literally binds a person to the emotion of their problem. The definition of despair goes something like this:

As a verb-to lose, give up, or be without hope
As a noun- to have no hope

To breaking down anything to it’s meaning is useless if you don’t use it to guide you into action. Right now, you are thinking “who wants to be hopeless?” The answer is no one and that will only be the direction taken if that is what you chose. You and I have to understand that knowledge of the meaning is merely to find definition of what we are experiences not what we will do.

The Life Key
In a single word, initiative. With initiative you and I need to take a path to counter a negative or feed into a positive. If you know the meaning of despair than you can deduce it’s counter is hope. Hope comes from the desire to raise above despair by committing to action. Action is best worked with a plan. And a plan is best laid knowing the foundation you are working with. Without taking initiative there can be no hope. It all comes down to the choice. Unless you relinquish it the choice will always be yours.


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