Are They Problems or Opportunities?

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Problems and conflicts are they opportunities? There is a mindset that needs to be developed when situations happen. You and I both are faced with them. It’s a part of life and living. The best time to explore this scenario is when you are faced with one as I am now.

To answer the question
You and I need to center ourselves. There is a choice between positioning ourselves in the positive or the negative of that center. The positive center is “this is what is or has happened” and I need to find or create a solution, a remedy, or a way to put this behind and keep moving forward. The negative a bit more complexed.

The perils of the negative center
The negative center is ripe with interference both within you and around you. It starts with a focus of this is happening to me. When you and I internalize your problems you and I lead the way to self- disempowerment. Whether or not the situations is about you or I does not matter. What we do and how much you and I put into what we do is what matters. And you and I need all our self-force which initiates from you focus. Solution is never found in the “they are doing this to me.” Solution is found in perspective, focus, and initiative.

A visual example
Take a grated cheese shaker. Imagine the cover is the the negative you and I internalize. It is hard and blocks us from using the positive which is the parmesan and romano that we seek to add to a pasta or soup. Remove the cover and the positive flows freely giving us what you and I need. Negative energy is a blocker or a wall. It will inhibit us if we allow it to be present. And like with the grated cheese we need to get past it to get to achieve solution. As with the sliding cover as many grated cheese containers covers the more you slide away the negative blockers, the more freely the positive flows.

The answer to the question
Depends on us. Just because a solution isn’t to our current liking doesn’t mean it isn’t a positive outcome. Solutions are not based in the negative actions of placing blame. They are found by depersonalizing focus, analyzing and seeking a path for solution. This is initiated by putting aside hurt feelings, self-pity and blame. When we do this the answer to the question, “Are they problems or opportunities” is answers by the path we take to solution.


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