The When in We Begin

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Have you ever been in one of those conversation where people acknowledged everything you said. They even went as far as to ask questions or paraphrase. Then after you were done you if was as if you never had the conversation at all. That was what I heard and saw people doing all weekend.The topic was change. All people were talking about was to change this and to change that. Frankly, all they were doing was acknowledging the positives they desired.

Empty words
You can talk the talk. You can spot problems. You can call for change. But if you haven’t found “The When” to begin, all you have are empty words

The now in beginning
Change for you will not happen without you. Committing to change doesn’t have a deadline for when you start. Now matter what you do at whatever point you do start that point becomes now. And if you really want a change shouldn’t you really commit in the now when you feel it?


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