Is The New World So New?

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David Ippolito is a guitar man I came upon this past weekend in Central Park. He performed a medley that took an Irving Berlin song from 1917, a Bob Dylan song from 1963, and a John Lennon song from 1971. I won’t tell you the songs’ titles as that is not as important as the songs messages. What’s chilling is they are proof the more everything changes the more things remain the same.

The message
All songs were songs were anti war and pro peace. The each questioned the mindset of conflicts during their time in history. The sad part is they are proof we don’t learn the lessons of history. They prove we haven’t moved forward in the social reality or the politically bankrupt concepts that allow races and nation fight against one another.

A disturbing reality
We fight for social position, religious beliefs, manmade boundaries and sections of dirt that make up the ground we walk on. Social positions change. Religious beliefs come and go. The boundaries shift with the changes in time. Those sections of dirt remain and eventually claim all those that waste their lives in conflict over them. What we should be asking each other, if the dirt we fight over is all that will remain after we have lived our lives, are we missing out on where our emphasis should be when it comes to the real importance of life. To answer the question maybe we should recall the worlds of yet another song that state “everything old is new again.”. If you think about you’ll see the truth in meaning.


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