Have You Been Heard On Healthcare?

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I was sitting in a Dunkin Donuts the other day doing a blog on location. As I was doing my thing I was listening to some people at another table discussing the ongoing battle to reform healthcare. There was a pattern to how each person presented their view and points. And I realized I had witnessed that pattern or a form of it many times before.

The pattern
First the group obviously was self contained. They each knew each other enough to express themselves freely. Many of their statements contained versions of “do you think they are…” or “Has anyone heard they have” addressed this or that and “Are they doing anything about this..” You get the picture.

The truth be known
It’s nice to talk among friends. It’s great to step forward and be a facilitator or contributor. If you have a concern about healthcare reform and what is it encompassing, research, ask and speak out. Hundreds of people were exploring flight much the same as the Wright Brothers. They took it one step farther. Then someone else took it another step farther. We went from puddle jumping to planet hopping because people spoke the questions that needed to be explored. Healthcare needs your initiative to ask your question whether it has been heard from somewhere else before or not. Why? Because the right questions are asking many times before the right person find the right answers. That is how initiative will speak the creativity to breach the gap from questions to solutions.



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