Waiting For Inspiration (Godot)

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If you haven’t seen the play, you have heard of it. Waiting For Inspiration is all about two people standing on the side of the road,,,Oh that was “Waiting For Godot.” Same thing can be found where anyway can be found waiting for that next great inspiration. They usually wind up being left to stand to the side of the road or life.

Initiate inspiration
Imagine if DaVinci or Einstein or any other great creator or innovator throughout history just sat around waiting for inspiration. The Louvre in Paris, France would be empty. The American Museum of Natural History would probably never exist. The United Nations might never have been. Medical cures, advanced in science, I could go on and on. Inspiration is sought not delivered. The Wright brothers failed time and time again. Yet, we have planes and spaceships. Waiting for inspiration is not an option. Finding and initiating it are the actions that create wonders in the world and your life.


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