The Healthcare Quandry

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I have to tell you I don’t agree with the present direction of Obama’s plan. I will tell you I understand it is a political hot potato. I will even compliment the President on his efforts. They are a beginning.

The system is killing us

The truth is it has been killing for longer than you realize. If you go back through history, calls for healthcare reform began as far back as there are records. Even with all that history to eludes us in the U.S. to get it right. Insurance companies were the quick fix of the early 20th century. In my own lifetime I knew of Senator Ted Kennedy calling to be proactive in reimagining healthcare in the late 60’s. No one was listening to a man who could afford to buy his own hospital predicting the systems demise. Say what you want he called it forty years ago. Then again, so did President Harry Truman in 1945. Before him Teddy Roosevelt lost an election in 1912 because of his call to overhaul healthcare.

Truth about the failure in healthcare reform
Any heathcare reform movement is doomed to fail. Why? We don’t apply the rules for achieving success to healthcare. We want a definitive successful plan in place now. Success as a rule comes from trying again and again. Einstein didn’t just sit down and the Theory of Relativity. Newton didn’t figure out the law of gravity over lunch. There was a lot of crumpled papers and restarts. And congress didn’t have a hand in there efforts either though what surrounded them at the time was politically charged controversy. When can’t fix the healthcare on the Senate or Congressional floors. We have to fix it in the field as we go along. We have to be creative, flexible and willing to keep trying and freeze out the political agendas and the lobbyists.



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