Reassuring Achievement

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In the quest achievement of any kind you and I need to have one asset. That asset is composed of three types of commitment. Commitment is the driving force behind success in our quest.

Commitment to self
This is the backbone to any quest in seeking achievement. Wanting something does not presuppose commitment. Commitment to self is more than a want or a wish. It has to be as if you Krazy glued a part of you to be a part of a want or a wish making it a desire.

Commitment your goal
Here this revolves around formulating a plan and steps to accomplish your goal. Commitment is dedicating yourself to that plan and each of the steps of each part to accomplish the whole

Commitment to assistance
You may have a team, resources, or just people who are helping you. Commitment here is the constant prodding of whatever you go may be. Commitment is to acknowledge first your gratitude for whatever their contribution to your achievement may be. Thing may be done wrong. Thing may not happen or happen the way we want. Outside of solving the problems surrounding, appreciation and gratitude must always be present. In the long run they will be returned on many levels the least of which is aiding toward your success in achievement.


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