The Average of Laws

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Part of revamping the economy has to be a revamping of the legal system. Having recently encountered the laws which are in the present system unenforceable, I have found the duplicity of their interpretation is clogging up the courts themselves.

The ultimate burden
It is not on the government but rather on the taxpayer. You lose time from work trying to figure out how to get your legal rights enforced. Lawyers have no concrete answers and backtrack all over themselves. Having seen this happen in three out of the 50 states, I am sure this is a great issue everywhere. The finale is have to appear in court. You feel like it’s a holiday breakfast because everyone is waffling all around you. Legislation has to be more specific and more consolidated.

Who pays for this?
As I said the regular citizen pays three ways for anything to do with the courts. First is lost wages for time spent dealing with the whatever. The second payment comes from your tax dollars. The third is the lawyer who’s time is powered by the tally of the taxi meters running on your dime.


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