Passion In Action

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“You need a plan,” boomed the voice from the front of the room. Mr Ryan was an excitable but beloved science teacher. The kids would laugh at his emotional gyrations. The finger not just pointing but swinging and slashing as he spewed his knowledge to his students. If at any class the man didn’t spring up on his toes at least five or six times, we wonder about his health. Besides we all looked for the opportunity to lowly chant, “Up, Up and Away”, when he did. Mr. Ryan was a man whose actions were fueled by his passion to be a teacher.

Channeling Mr. Ryan
Mr. Ryan set a bar for all his students. Not just to pass his course, but to find something they could be that passionate about in their life. Passion does so much for you. It gives you that extra “oomph” to what you do when it is present. Passion gives you strength when you have none. Passion makes whatever you do more memorable. Passion drives you forward when you thought you could go no farther.


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