Initiative and Creativity In Healthcare reform

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In all honesty can you say you feel that empathy and the same way about a person who has a form of cancer and a person who has a from of mental illness? Most people do not. Most people experience an empathy for the cancer patient they don’t hold for a person with mental illness. This may be ingrained in society, but that doesn’t make it right. It is dead wrong.

Pose a problem suggest a solution
Education is the most powerful weapon we have. Society has to get over not exposing children to mental health awareness at an early age. Our mental and physical health should be taught to he held on an equal level. In fact children learn that their mental health is key to their overall health. We have to stop thinking we are protecting them by withholding the knowledge. I am not saying to teach them ph.d level information. I am saying they need to know more that a ditty like “a health mind – a health body.” By teaching the basics of how the ditty becomes reality and incrementally employing more knowledge as they go through school, mental health becomes main stream just as physical health is. And yes I am talking going beyond the 10 minutes out of one school day a year. If physical ed is a standard, so should mental ed.


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