Worldly Thoughts

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Rich Naran, environment, greatness

In creating a place in this world for us you and I tend to centerlized ourselves in boundaries. These boundaries are to claim a space we can call our own and literally give a place we were we have control. It is a need we all have.

In creating that environment
There are considerations because it’s boundaries are always leeched into by the world around us. We can’t avoid this and we can’t ever construct an environment that shuts out the world beyond. So maybe it is best to learn how to integrate and weave aspects of that world sharing and respecting that which is around us. Boundaries mean walls. Walls are barriers. Barriers separate us from being aware of what takes place beyond. If you and I open the windows and let the world flow through we create a more peaceful environment around us. We seen what is going on and while we revel in our privacy, we remain in touch with what surrounds us as well.


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