Twitter, Texting, Progress In Achievement

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We’ve got a society that is moving beyond the speed of thought while somehow trying to play catch up to it. We move ideas in a blink. But you and I become our own foils as we get caught up in the Twitter and texting craze that has taken grip.

Propel your progress
Don’t resort to this these as toys. Use them as powerful tools to increase the speed of progress toward goal achievement. Tab you Tweet reading with reason. Don’t foil up your day texting just to text. Make it count toward something positive. Of course you don’t want to take the fun elements totally out but make it like driving a car. You have to do it responsibly.

About your usage
When you over use anything the novelty wears out. You tend to fall off and resist using that one time novelty when it can add a benefit. This is because you let it get played out and forgot it actually has value to offer you. Don’t fret, it’s part of the “being human experience.” I tell you what’s great is when all the faddist fall away, you continue to it’s usage as a positive tool to increase the speed of your life.


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