Think About It

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Rich Thinking
Okay you and I are experiencing the same economic difficulties. We all know people who are experiencing job losses. We all have watched companies go out of business. So we all know to be careful right?

What you and I want
To take initiative and protect ourselves against financial loss. Many people are rushing into trying to set up instant businesses without taking the steps for long term success. Of course part of the enticement is artificial deadlines and quotas. Many of which especially when it comes to quotas are manufactured to create false urgency. False urgency has become the number on sales tools in all sales ventures right now. If they can’t show you enough to assure you what it is all about. If they can’t clearly define the process. For instance is what they are asking you to purchase is all that you need or after you enter into the enterprise you are being immediately upsold to an “even more better phase.” The point is an point of surprise or extra cost to get you to this better deal is a sign…to think about it. And if at any time before you can get your venture off the ground they same people come back at you with another sure thing, get a refund. What they are telling you is what you just purchased isn’t the real deal. If it was all they should be offering you until you begin to profit is support toward your goal.


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