Chain Of Events

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So Wheres my Old Spice Commercial
So Where’s my Old Spice Commercial

Most of us look at things in the light of being omens of what is or what will be. What you have to question is your perspective disarming your chance for opportunities? Could it be you are being lulled into leaving your future to the fates? Initiative and Creativity is the fuel to make the chain of events you need.

Taking control
That is what embodies the link between Initiative and Creativity. By waiting you are relinquishing your power of choice. Now, keep in mind taking control is not the same as forcing yourself through to your goal. Taking control is a process. The process is a flow reflection, analysis, planning and desired outcome.

Does life happen to you or for you?
You and I have a say in some way which the answer is be. Of course, you can’t define everything in terms of complete control. Still you have to realize in some way you will have an opportunity to have your say.‚Äč As I have said so many times it’s a matter of redefining your perspective and applying it with the power of Initiative and Creativity


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