Taking a point to the next level

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Each of my blogs has something different to offer for everyone. At times I’ll write a post or article and want to say something else more I feel surfers want from the subject. I always want to be sure that those who don’t want to click away and continue are satisfied as well. I also want them to know if they do click away, it’s not just the same thing in another way or format. Normally I don’t do this because I plan it. I do it because that his how the creative flow is working at that day and time.

How it happened the other day
I wrote the piece “A Bad Day Is A Good Day.” What the article is really is a “how to” to profit from your bad days. I even show you have to turn the bad day around. Then, I wrote the script for the podcast “About The Speed of Life and Web 2.0. A fun podcast which has a great take on what can lead to bad days and the appreciation for the good that does happen. These articles are the ying and yang born from the same idea. They are both about experiencing appreciation.

The point of it all
You and I may not do enough of this appreciation building. Not just of what happens to us, but what we do in life. You and I are the centers of our own happiness. The happiness we want and need grows exponentially when we feed it with appreciation.


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