Creative Reframing your Initiative

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Something to think about. You like me when we get in the “on a mission” mode we charge forward. Many times things need to get to be done pronto “in our eyes.” That mindset in itself can be a progress inhibitor and a propellor of our intiative.

The reframing point
What is happening is all two common. We are in the center looking out. What can happen is we are conveying what we see and disassociating our outlook from where others have their perspective. What adds to this is the for the centralized person begin to see this as a matter of clear cuts. That is our reframing point.

Step back
An overused comedic joke is someone getting blindsided and someone else saying matter of factly, “they should have been standing there.” Sure the after thought is clear and factual. The fore thought is if you didn’t no it was coming how could you have prepared for it. That is what you need to do in getting across you mission. Help the potential blindside person see what’s coming and how it will affect and what it will affect. To do this you have to bring this out of yourself and wind it back in with how you communicate your mission. This creates allies and lowers resistance which comes natural when facing a tsunami of “ I’m on a mission.”



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