Freeing Up Creativity and Initiative

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I came up against a lawyer who just was so full of himself I tell people by saying he out grew his hair. The guy has this Emperor Nero thing going up top. His ego put him on par with the Nero myth of playing the lyre while Rome Ancient Rome burned to the ground. I have to admit next to my much touted lawyer this guy was the second coming of Charles Darrow.

Oh yeah the creative initiative

In our meeting if I had let my lawyer continue to make like a major league bobblehead doll, old Chucky Sleaze was going to get away with murder. So what I did was resort to a giving the most powerful one word answer just before my lawyer would nod my life away. It was clear concise and non-abrasive. I won’t tell you this word but I will tell you that people have paid me to find out what was so they could use it against him. How well did it work? One person actually sent me a nice size tip after their encounter with Mr. Sleaze. As for myself this word saved the day having unhinged the man. My initiative wound up costing his devious client thousand more than if they had come to the meeting honestly.

The real deal
Pull yourself out of a situation emotionally and you will be amazed at what you can do. Initiative and creativity will flow freely if you can achieve this. How is this accomplished? Just as I will be confronting con artist in court soon, I have reframed things to not be about it’s me against him. I changed my mindset with the knowledge that anyone else could have been the target. Just as I did that day. I keyed in on the actions not the person. In doing so just as I did with Mr. Sleaze I was able to unravel my newest unfriend Connie Artist and in fact he may even see jail time because Connie actually supplied what I need himself.





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