Of Initiative and Creativity – Explain Please

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This blog has been around for a few years and I only recently began to develop it more. Now, that traffic is jumping over from one of my many other sites surfers want to know where this comes from. Some even express that they can’t bridge the gap between the two.

No, not me the actual Albert Einstein who taught at nearby Princeton, New Jersey preached the imagination was the key to knowledge. This makes sense as he is the man known to initiate a whole modern process of thinking. The key to much of his logistics was creativity in use of perspective. And he would of never got their if he didn’t take the first steps and follow through. That is what initiative is all about.

Am I Einstein
I already said no. Still, a create and apply initiative to many areas of life. It’s part of being a writer. I write in many different genres in fact and fiction. I constantly find myself in areas of exploration just for the experience. TG for the net because my scope of growing interests has grown way beyond my atmosphere of living a mere ten years ago. That is how my life as a writer, content creator and pursuer of initiative and creativity has come about.





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