Are you Creating To Do or Want To Do Lists

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Are you Creating To Do or Want To Do Lists
The basic theory of “To Do” lists is to prioritize and carry over. The carry over function tells you a lot about the list you create. If you aren’t paying attention to what it tells you, the lists become “Want To Do”list. Over time they slowly degrade into an supersized should of and could of list.

The carry over concept

Is not supposed to be a crutch. If you are building on that portion of your daily plan then you have to rethink your “To Do” decision process. Do you just have to much going on? Are you just putting things on that are more wishes than fishes? Is your list really an ego trip? Could your list be your fallback to evading other “To do’s.”

The function of a To Do list
Is to streamline and organize your time management. It you have too much to manage then you more than likely are at fault with prioritizing and delegation. The list should be a list not an accumulating chronicle of incomplete events. It is is than you no longer have a list but a personalized time anchor.

The effect on creativity

Let’s face it, true creativity just happens. If your time management is screwed up it has to impede your flow of creativity. Not only are you doing less, you are probably not doing your best. The key is to change your perspective on what should make your list and find ways to delegate. A slogan I like to to keep to is “the freedom to create.” You don’t have this if you have a list the length of your arm or more.


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