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Time For Another Quickie

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Quickie Time

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Here’s a quickie:
If President Trump is going to yell at staff and call them “Idiots,” of which there is no politically correct way of doing in that manner (Hey if he can pay a kid to do his lawn then I’ll teach him another way which is PC and even more satisfying) his detractors are going to magnify the event. Especially if he spits when he yells. And I hope he doesn’t.

Which brings up the point: Am I a detractor or supporter?
I have been asked this many times because I appear to come across with great ambiguity as either/or. (No Mom I didn’t just find the dictionary. In fact, I used a Dinosaurus*.) I am neither. I prefer to be addressed as an advocate. In this situation, if Pres. Trump does something I believe is good I will advocate for that. If I think the opposite I will advocate that. There are gray areas whereupon I will advocate such as being such. (And where “such” comes into this……who knows!)

Okay really,…. who gave me this job.
There was an election. I voted. No one else did. With that said, I won.
“Wait a minute,” you say! You didn’t know about this election? Well, I will take a page from my law studies. I went old school and got a degree from 1963-1966 at “Burkes Law” for whom the headmaster was the great late Gene Barry. ( I guess they used the designation “late” because since he passed away he’s considered to be late for everything. It so bad, he didn’t even show up at his own memorial service.). Back to the subject according to the law “not knowing” is considered ignorance of the law and not an admissible defense.

*A  Dinosaurus is a very old edition of a Thesaurus used when there is

The Trumnondrum

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Donald J. Trump is president. That’s all we need to know. Donald J. Trump is snarky. We always knew that and he openly embraces his snarkiness. Quite evident. Donald J. Trump kept his options open as to not running as a Republican or Democrat, but as an Independent. Many need to be reminded of that especially Mitch (3rd generation of farmer in the painting “American Gothic”) McConnell and Paul (That’s All) Ryan. As do that at present confused Nancy (I am I said) Pelosi and Chuck ( It’s nice you think of me that way) Schumer. And that is “The Trumnondrum.”

The point is Donald J. Trump is beholden to no one. Not even family members and certainly not wives. I , by the way, am not trying to upset (or give a heads up to) current wife Melania. Just look at number one son Donald John Trump JUNIOR. He gets no props due to the fact his Dad Donald J. Trump will not acknowledge him by added the SENIOR prefix. And I am not saying he doesn’t love him, he just doesn’t fully grant the kid his props. The fact is there nothing to show the now President doesn’t love any of his children. In fact he has done just the opposite so drastically he gave them all extra Moms to help them along in life. We all need extra help in life but it must be super- special to have to do rock,paper scissors to figure out who this time. As for Melania I don’t think he would trade her in for someone half his age….your’s maybe but not his.

When you try to contact most politicians by mail or email you are more than likely will get an automated response proving that politician never read your letter that which is normally followed up a request for a donation. And keep in mind if you do donate he will never see any of your missives past or future but you will get an automated response thanking you and hinting for you to donate more. There are exceptions such as Sen John McCain who’s camp has officially knighted me an Arizonian despite my opening line stating I am from New Jersey. And of course my own Gov Christie who gives you the number to his hotline to the only donut shop the delivers in Trenton. But Mr. Trump is above all that. His camp sends you nothing. DJ jr, I know now how you must feel.

Understand that I am not complaining or offering up empathy to young DJ. And unless he’s really more akin to Bruce Jenner (I respect ya Caitlyn) President Donald J. Trump (don’t call me senior) won’t change. And to all Americans no matter where you are politically aligned is the glory known as “The Trumnondrum”

First a repeat of the disclaimer:

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To Begin with:

Next,  that Forementioned Disclaimer:

 Though I once was a Donald Trump fan over time even before he declared he was running for President, I became dubious. Also pre-election I was not satisfied with the cast of characters who also declared. In the end, I voted for Hillary Clinton for many reasons. No the least of which I saw no one else as standing out as a better candidate. Also, I am a lifelong Independent, if for no other reason than I believe the major political parties instead of fully serve the American public mostly would rather vote against or for legislature based on whether or not their party initiated it. Many of their decisions are not a product of reaching across the divide and define their final decision based on what their constituents needs are. There are too few Chuck Schumers throughout both houses.


With all that said:

The American public has to decide what it wants. Actually, they have to own to whether they want the damage that we (meaning the non-politician American public) will ultimately have to endure by negating our leader, President Trump. You to face the facts. The wealthy will more than survive. The politicians will be mostly alright but, the middle class and poor will pay the price. I’m not saying restrict your and mine “freedom of speech.” What I am saying is if you’re going to complain do your part to help reach a constructive solution.” More precisely one that will quickly yield the swiftest and most positive results. Impeachment or shackling a sitting President will do neither and again 3/4’s of Americans will suffer the consequences.

Ok, I stated my complaint, so, where is my solution. My solution is to redirect that 3/4s energy into viable areas that yield more productive solutions. (Yeah, I know that sounds like political doubletalk, but read on amigos) As of this writing, President Trump has made 2 brilliant political moves. One is to not just rescind DACA but to warn Congress and put it on those in office to prevent the fallout. He didn’t eradicate “Dreamers”, he told Congress to find a viable way to protect them. Also, keep in mind, the President gave way in advance notice while campaigning. The next move was getting legislation through as supported by the supposed opposition party pushed through. Again, the whole country was warned during the man’s campaign that he would do this. The real problem may be “Everyone heard but not listened.” I am in no way asking anyone to fall in line like a mindless drone. What I am saying is “Pull Together and assist in finding solutions that make this presidency work. This option will prevail in eliminating the most deadzone or wasted time categories.

Has President Trump made mistakes?YES,” as all past Presidents have. For those who voted for the President and lost faith, “You got what you paid for.” That person not a politician for President. For the 3 million plus who didn’t, “Why aren’t you ganging up to eradicate the ELECTORAL COLLEGE or do we have to wait for the 3rd time in my lifetime to see it usurp the popular vote? For those that complain, “Taking Action Actively” will yield more than sitting in a chair watching football with a beer in hand. (Just for the record, football is my passion and still blame the then Mr. Trump for the fall of the USFL.) We did this to ourselves.

Good Political Move By The Non-Politician Pres

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The Tweet : Congress, get ready to do your job – DACA!

In 8 words President Donald J. Trump called to action in volumes directed toward Congress and not just his supposed Republican allies but both houses as a hold. This was a savvy move from a man the planet feels is working from the outside in of the government he is deemed to be the leader of. A government which is viewed by most as fragmented and ready to implode.

The key: One word, Congress


By addressing this portion not as “Republicans get me the vote and Democrats stop causing me grief,” the President set into motion a process that could begin a unification of Congress as a functioning coordinated body. The aim is to clear up the us against them, each of us against him atmosphere which currently prevails. One might even say the President started to apply his own brand of Crazy Glue to the fragmented pieces in hope that it will take and things begin to come together.

Business majors take note. If the President stays the course with this new tack, he might just finally get this branch of government into peak operated mode. It not the poster child of why business majors should minor in Applied Psychology but an excellent example in implementation of the “Art Of The Deal”