You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain

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You, Your Initiative And the Creative Brain Let me begin by repeating the statement I have been trying to get readers to take to heart for years. Creativity is an innate function of the brain we all have. You and I initiated the process shortly after birth. Think about the birthing process. For many years it was common practice for the doctor to give a newborn a slight slap on the butt. The newborn would then cry. How did the newborn know to yield the reaction of crying in response to the slight pain? From there the newborn learned how to use crying as a method of getting it’s needs attended to? The baby as it grows learns to adapt this action. It even gets creative in it’s application. Yes, the baby actually learns to experiment with the function of crying. That is the rudiments of creativity. You take an idea and test to see how it works. In a way we all start out with a Thomas Edison frame of mind.

Does this mean we all start out as geniuses?
Remember the commercials on TV where the where the catch phrases was “Not Exactly? (If not search it out on YouTube. They are cute) It does mean we are wired to be creative in some form or other. To steal the credo from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just because we have the ability to be creative doesn’t mean it just manifests itself and “is.”

The facts about creativity
For most people it’s like a muscle. You have to use it, exercise it, and nourish it in order for it to reach full potential. There are very few creative prodigies but they do exist. For the rest of us the brain has to trained. You have to use your imagination and explore your creative side. The controversy over whether or not creativity is limited or unlimited is mostly built upon supposition and a topic I’ll address next time. Meanwhile back at the ranch, take initiative when it comes to creativity and as they say “Work it baby.”

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Opportunity and Kindness

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 Opportunity and Kindness

This came to me in an email from Jonathan Lockwood Huie and his Daily Inspiration newsletter

wherever there is a human being,
there is an opportunity for a kindness.
– Seneca

A fact of life

From my own life experiences, this is a powerful truism. The core of this truth lies in an individuals ability and willingness to take initiative and their creative application. The opportunity is always there. We, that you and I have to perceive it. And in some cases we have to exam what is in front of it and discern just what the situation and opportunity may be. The core of any opportunity should have some form of kindness within it. And as Seneca points out just because another human being is concerned.

Let’s expand that thought

Animal abuse is just as prevalent as abuse of other human beings. For instance growing up a guy I knew used to brag about his BB gun attacks on cats roaming on about his property. The cats weren’t doing anything to provoke the attacks, he just thought this abusive action was so much fun. There was no concern on his part of the pain, injury, and even possible death he inflicted on the animal. Nor did he care that that animal may have had a human family that it belong to or even if it was a mother of still nursing kittens. Almost weekly we hear on the news of some form of animal abuse or another being exposed.

A refinement of the quote

The opportunity to perform an act of kindness presents itself everyday. Even if it’s in a momentary or chance encounter with a friend or stranger or a person or animal. That act of kindness could range from anything such a show of affection or friendliness to lending a helping hand. Yes, even a simply acknowledgment like a “Hi” or “Hello” may actually bring a positive light to a person’s day. And who doesn’t get that feel good sensation with the show of a tail wagging dog just because you smiled at it

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The Initiative of Being Creative

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The initiative of being creative

Steven Kotler a contributing writer to Forbes once wrote “Creatives fail and the really good ones fail often,” Being a person who falls into the category of being a creative, I can tell you first hand how true it is. Being creative is no different than striving for success in any other sector of life. Well, there is one difference. Your failures tend to be more visible to others either in your field or the general public. To exist as a true creative you have to grow a thick skin.

Oh the criticism

It doesn’t matter how good or how bad your work is someone’s nails a point of interest to the complaint board. The “Oh you should have done this or that better”, people infect all creative followings. Keep in mind those vocalizing couldn’t have even come close to your accomplishment, but they love to criticize anyway. What’s the label I’m looking for? Oh yeah, “Naysayers.” They’re the termites of the creative world.

Expect failure

In a way that’s a creative’s badge of honor. It’s like crumbs on the couch potatoes who just sit there wallowing in their own snacking aftermath. The difference is at least you are doing something with your life besides raising your cholesterol levels. Success often emerges from the shadows of failure. While all the couch potato has to show for their crumb collection is a pending heart condition and a tendency toward obesity.

Take heart

You will succeed on some level in some way or other. In fact you achieved your first success the moment you took initiative and dove into your creative endeavor. Doers are the real living success stories. Couch potatoes and naysayers…not so much

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